Civil Society

What we understand by civil society are people who make commitments either individually or in groups beyond state institutions to finding constructive solutions to current social problems. Our aim is that these commitments to tackling local and global challenges – such as environmental changes or social justice – occur together and in a spirit of partnership. With our efforts, we would like to reach people especially who have had no involvement to date in German-African cooperative activities on a partnership basis. The intention is to establish a long-term process of dialogue in which committed individuals can have exchanges about their work and consider together how they can make their respective contribution to society.


The Partnership with Africa Foundation offers learning and training opportunities for outstanding civil society activists. In our first edition of the CHANGEMATES FELLOWSHIP 12 young activists with a background in environmental protection, human rights and digital freedom are taking part. Our fellows develop new forms of North-South cooperation and experiment with new methods of collaboration.   More...


Making the initial contacts and identifying common spheres of activity often represent the greatest hurdles in the establishment of German-African action communities. For this reason we are working together with committed individuals from Berlin and Nairobi on a Toolkit which should simplify entering into cooperative work on a partnership basis. More...

Global Gardening: What Do We Already Know about the Land?

Food is a subject which concerns all of us. But only a few people are actually involved in examining how local and global food systems are linked. For this reason, the intention with this model is to test the concept of a participative "open academy" in order to critically question and examine the interconnections between urbanisation, agriculture and global trade. More...

Development of a German-African Civil Society Network

Right from the very beginning of the COMENGA programme, opportunities have been sought for ways to be able to network civil society stakeholders. In this respect, the focus has been on human rights work especially, as a particular need has been identified here. For this reason we have established a competency-based networking platform which permits German and African initiatives to find new contacts. You too can register on it for free and also avail of the opportunities provided by such virtual exchanges.

Focus Area #3

Civil Society

We are all civil society. This thematic focus area is a cross-sectional area encompassing a multitude of themes and issues. All other focus areas as identified by us feed off the input and experience gained here.


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